29 Hilariously Stupid Things Restaurants Have Used In Place Of Glasses

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You want me to drink out of what??

The earliest cup was probably just somebody dipping their hands into a stream and bringing water to their mouth to drink it. Since that prehistoric time, humans have enjoyed beverages out of a variety of vessels, from simple cups carved from stone to elaborately jeweled golden goblets. Different drinks have different needs - a hot beverage is best consumed from something insulated or a mug with a handle. An old fashioned might come in a stemmed glass or a shorter one without a stem. If you're drinking right from the can, you might want a koozie to keep your fingers warm and your drink cold. Man, I'm getting thirsty right now!

But there's a growing trend among some beverage providers - AKA restaurants and bars - to serve their drinks in things that are not glasses at all. Would you want to enjoy a nice cold drink out of a leather pouch? What about getting a margarita in a Ziploc bag. These and many others are just a few examples of the truly bonkers items restaurants have used to serve drinks. So grab your favorite beverage (I have a store brand grapefruit seltzer here) and take a tour through some of the most absurd "glasses" we've ever seen! Get Started