31 Of The Most Catastrophic Wedding Fails Ever

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I DO...want to read these.

Weddings are a stressful time for all of us -- from the moment you get engaged to the moment you finally say "I do," your life is basically just one big stress mess for months (or maybe years) on end. Truth be told, your life will basically be a series of moments with a level of anxiety so crushing you'll think you're trapped in a black hole. There's catering, dealing with the florist, figuring out your own wedding vows, dealing with the fact Aunt Kathy can't sit near cousin Carol because of What She Said About Our Sharon...it's just a really big, chaotic mess. But it's all worth it for the big day, when everything works perfectly and the entire day goes off without a hitch...hahahaha, I can't even say that with a straight face.

Every wedding has its goofups. Some are small -- maybe the toast gets delayed because the servers didn't start opening the bottles until too close to when it was supposed to happen. Some are...not so small. Sometimes you have your two dogs act as the ring bearer and flower girl, and they consummate their own relationship right there in the aisle. Sometimes the priest doesn't know the names of the married couple. Sometimes (OK, a lot of times) the cake comes toppling down.

There are plenty of fails to go around, and they are hilarious. Ready to read about the funniest fails? Here are 31 of them. Get Started