With Moments To Live, This Spy Solved His Own Poisoning

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They tried to end him. They failed.

In March 2018, international headlines went wild with the news that Russia had attempted to poison two former Russian spies with nerve gas in a large-scale attack in London that put hundreds of lives at stake. While this news itself was troubling, its similarities to another case from 2006 were even more so. In November of that year, a man named Alexander Litvinenko who was suffering from radiation poisoning checked himself into a London hospital under an alias before quickly becoming deathly ill. But what happened next launched an international investigation that led all the way to Russian President Vladimir Putin. As it turned out, Litvinenko was a former Russian spy being targeted by someone in his former country -- but who was the culprit? Cooperating with British police, Litvinenko set out to work attempting to solve the case of his own poisoning -- all the while trying to beat the clock. Since Litvinenko knew he only had days or even hours to help the police before he'd be too sick to talk, he laid out as many facts about the day of his poisoning as he could recall. But would he be able to narrow down the case's suspects before it was too late? And would he live to find out if his work paid off? Click through to find out. Get Started