25 Times People Made "Healthy" Versions Of Food That Were Actually Really Stupid

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Why would you call that a cake??

25 hilariously dumb versions of delicious foods. Food is a complicated subject for most people. "What should I eat?" shouldn't be a referendum on a person's inherent goodness or badness, but somehow, that's often how it's asked. Here's the thing, though: you should eat what you want. That's it. If you want to eat a huge slice of chocolate cake washed down with a glass of whole milk, do it. If you want to eat a kale salad with crispy chickpeas and pickled red onions, do that. No one gets to tell you what you should eat. (Unless maybe if you're eight years old and your parents tell you that you do need to at least TRY the broccoli before you get your ice cream. But even then: kids should be allowed to say "no" to things they truly don't like.)

But there's still a lot of pressure in our society to eat "healthy," even though no one really agrees what "healthy" means. Vegetables are nutritious, I think everyone's on board with that, but after that, it gets really murky. High fat or low fat? Carbs or no carbs? Is sugar the actual devil? All this talk about "health" means that people sometimes come up with "healthy" alternatives to regular foods that honestly make no sense at all. Take a tour through some of the weirdest "healthy" foods imaginable (and then go eat whatever you want...even if it's something on this list. We won't judge). Get Started