25 Of The Weirdest Jobs In The World. Did You Know About These?

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Via Voodoo Kitchen

Ever heard of a pro sleeper?

Hey, we've all got to make money! Instead of getting a regular, old boring job, why not do something a little more exciting? These 30 odd jobs are so strange we might even consider switching careers. Ever wanted to milk a snake? Don't defer your dreams any longer. With this list you'll see that it is a totally accomplishable goal. Although it might not be exactly what you imagined. We're not going to lie to you. Some of these are awesome jobs, but a lot of them are disgusting, unthinkable -- some even downright unfathomable. But no one is judging. One man's trash is another man's annual livelihood. So if you like vomit, the ashes of the deceased, and have lots of free time, there are some unique opportunities for you out there. For those a little more squeamish, you'll be excited to find out that there are some pleasantly surprising careers waiting for you. Do you like warm beds? Winning lots of money? Amusement park rides? Boy, have we got a job for you! Maybe you've already heard of some of these, but most of them will surprise you, if not at least intrigue you. We've saved the best for last so be sure to stay tuned for the end! Get Started