If You Can Relate To These 33 Memes, It's Time To Stop Partying

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Is it time for your intervention?

33 memes for people who love getting wasted. I get it. Life sucks and drinking does not suck. Still, we all know you have a tendency to get a little sloppy and start making bad decisions. If you can relate to these memes about when the party life takes over your soul, though, your partying might be a little out of hand. You know what I'm taking about -- those times when you get a little crazy and you wake up so sick that you swear on the Bible that you will never let that demon brew touch your lips ever again. You swear on your dog and your mom's lives that your club days are over. You write in your diary that you're not messing with any of your party friends ever again.

Buuuuut.... then thirsty Thursday rolls around and the work week was a nightmare and you're tired of seeing your reflection in the screen when Netflix has the nerve to ask you if you're still watching. Suddenly next week becomes the week you stop your nonsense. Then it's after your birthday. Then it's after Christmas. Then it's the new year. Hey, it's all good. We don't judge. In fact, we made this list of memes so you could feel understood. Grab your smallest tube top and your favorite bros and let's get to some funny truths about the party life. Get Started