29 Movie Predictions That Eerily Came True

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#22 seemed so impossible at the time!

Inventors and moviemakers are both creators, so it makes sense that their brains would come up with the same ideas on occasion. But in the case of these 29 sci-fi ideas that came true, did the inventors come up with the ideas themselves -- or did they rip the ideas straight from Hollywood blockbusters? It's truly eerie how these 29 concepts first appeared as crazy, outlandish concepts in movies before becoming actual realities one day. It makes you wonder what else movies will predict: Entire bridal parties getting food poisoning in the street? Or worse yet, the apocalypse? Perhaps the best explanation for the existence of these 29 modern inventions is the fact that history's greatest sci-fi has always been based in real science and real human nature. When the creator of Star Trek came up with all those cool toys for his TV show in the '60s, he knew that one day there would be an actual need (and means to create) his cool gadgets. Or he just thought laser beams looked cool. As you click through these 29 modern contraptions that were truly mind-blowing when they first popped up in movies, just be glad that worldwide disaster movies like The Day after Tomorrow haven't come true yet. Or have they? Get Started