31 Disastrously Named Products No One Should Ever Buy

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How did any of these make it past QA?

There are hundreds upon hundreds of products out there on the market -- capitalism is kind of an unrelenting nightmare that way, no big. But how does one go about getting their product noticed with that much competition going on in virtually every single market? Well, one thing you can do is give the product a particularly catchy name. Naming the product is often half the battle by itself -- heck, a lot of the time, a specific product name becomes so omnipresent that it turns into the term for the product itself, like Xerox or Kleenex or even Coke (if you are terrible). One thing you SHOULDN'T do, however, under any circumstances, is give a product a name that is extremely memorable for all the wrong reasons. And what reasons might these be? Oh, you know, nothing big...just giving products names that act as inadvertent references to rather personal aspects of anatomy or bodily fluids or whatever the heck "Batmilk" is. Yeah -- it's bad. It's real real bad. Want to see all of these and more disastrously named products someone should've caught before they went to market? Read on, because it's about to get wild up in here. Get Started