33 Hilarious Professional Photography Fails You Won't Believe

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More like professional failtography.

Photography has been around, at least in the United States of America, since the 1850s. At first, it was sort of a fringe hobby for people, as most typical Americans couldn't afford their own camera until later in the 20th century. However, nowadays, lots of people try to say they're regular ol' photographers despite not having had any formal training or apprenticeship. Because of the digital tools we have these days, such as digital cameras, special filters on apps on our phones, and photo editing software, most pictures look pretty good, especially compared to what we had access to in the past.

However, some people simply declare themselves "photographers" and then... aren't even that good. In fact, they're really bad. Not just a little of over-brightening, either. Some of these photographs are so bad you'll think they were taken or photoshopped by a child. How can a PROFESSIONAL photographer stand to charge people for such poor quality work? Maybe the people asked for the trashy photos and the photographer couldn't talk them out of it. Whoever is responsible, the point is the same: these are some really, really bad photos. Just be glad your photographer was hopefully better than this! Get Started