We Found Them: The 31 Most Wild Texts From Crazy Exes

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Ever gotten a psycho text before?

Everyone knows that guys can be jerks to women. They are horrible for no reason! And for that reason, entire posts have gone viral where a mean guy goes crazy, or refuses to leave some girl alone, or is generally a trash dude. But you know, that's really not delegated JUST to the male gender. Women can also be a little crazy sometimes over text. Do you believe it or not? Women are just as capable of being crazy or mean as men are! Maybe you do not believe that, but it's still quite true either way. We've got the receipts to prove it!

In this slideshow, we have included some stunning examples of crazy girlfriends. Sometimes they are exes, sometimes they are current girlfriends. Sometimes they are talking to their man, and sometimes they are talking to another girl they think is talking to their man! But the side effect is the same: they absolutely lose it over text message. Some of these messages are insane! Have you ever received a crazy text message from someone? Or, be honest: have you ever sent a crazy text or two? I have... but even I don't think I've sent any THIS crazy. Check it out! Get Started