27 Embarrassingly Fake Selfies That Nobody Fell For

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No one believes you, FYI.

27 hilarious selfies that people tried to pass off as real (but aren't). Selfies used to be a dumb trend that everyone made fun of, and then they were a political statement that artists and activists reclaimed. Then they went back to being dumb again. Now they're just a normal part of everyday life for most people. Everyone posts selfies. That's why it's so weird that these twenty seven people felt the need to lie about their selfies. Most of these selfies would be totally normal posts except for the obvious lies. Some of them are just straight-up tomfoolery and shenanigans from people who either really need attention or really think we are stupid enough to believe their bad Photoshop jobs. Either way, it's entertainment for sure.

We have the classic "no filter, no makeup" selfies from the girls who are obviously wearing all of Sephora on their faces. We have fake partners, fake abs, and even fake "my phone accidentally took this picture while I was in the shower." They're not convincing at all. But they are funny. You'll totally cringe. A lot. And if you cringe, just make sure to take a selfie of it and pretend you were scared by aliens or something. Apparently that's an OK thing to do. Get Started