The Grossest Food From Every Single US State

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Every one of these is horrifying.

America is as much a confederation of loosely-connected cultures as it is a country with a strong national identity. This isn't in any way a bad thing, it's just to say we're a deeply varied people. Heck, each state even has its own unique culture (and if you don't believe us, try telling a North Dakotan their state isn't any different from South Dakota and be ready to duck when they throw something at you). And with those unique cultures, of course come unique regional foods. Every state has one! Crab dip in Maryland, Virginia ham, Maine lobster, unique fried chicken and/or chili varieties in about ten different states...there's a lot of good foods out there that each state can claim as their own. This slideshow isn't about any of those good foods. Instead, it's about the worst regional food from every single state -- and oh man, are some of these bad. Some are better-known than others, of course (people from Ohio and North Dakota are already bracing themselves in anticipation for what they know is coming), but they're all pretty terrible. Read on, and find out the worst of the worst when it comes to various regional foodstuffs. Get Started