33 Trashy Stories You Won't Believe Actually Happened

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Some of these have got to be fake.

We can't all be perfect all the time. Sometimes we don't get all dressed up before going out. Sometimes we head to the store in our pajamas. Sometimes we don't brush our hair, or we burp in front of polite company. Maybe, just maybe, some of us got a questionable tattoo that perhaps we now regret. Who cares? We aren't members of the British Royal Family or anything.

However, the people in this slideshow have really taken "trashy" to the next level. You will not believe the clothes these people have worn in public, the things that these people have done, the personal information they have revealed online, the inexplicably trashy things that had tattooed permanently onto their bodies, or the photos they agreed to have taken and shared with the whole entire world. The stories we've taken from online websites such as Reddit, The Knot, and Facebook truly show that maybe our society is just a little bit trashy.

So check out our slideshow of the trashiest stories of all time. You'll laugh out loud, weep for humanity, and shake your head in dismay as you go through this list. You won't believe how hilariously trashy some people can be. Get Started