25 Insane Vintage Ads You Won't Believe

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Commercials used to be even worse.

Ever since the industrial revolution found its way to the United States of America, marketing and commercialization has risen along with it. With all the cool new THINGS we can purchase thanks to the incredible power of cheap labor and capitalism, why wouldn't we want to be informed? So we have advertisements! Nowadays, they play before streaming videos or on websites (hey! those ads feed my family!) or during television shows, on the radio and before movies. The best ads are in the newspapers and magazines though, are we right? Print ads are a lot of fun, for those of us who still read newspapers and magazines.

However, ads weren't always governed by a set of rules, like they are now. If someone doesn't like an ad these days, they just start a hashtag and the company pulls the ad and apologizes. If an ad doesn't deliver on its promises, you can sue them. But vintage ads...? They could say anything they wanted, pretty much. Sometimes it was racist or sexist or aimed toward children! It was truly a different world back then, and these shocking vintage ads we found prove it. Can you believe that these vintage ads are actually REAL? Get Started