29 Epic Holiday Pinterest Fails

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It's beginning to look a lot like FAIL.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Until you try to make something festive from your Pinterest Christmas boards and fail. Hard. Pinterest has a way of making everything look so easy. That's part of its appeal. Beautiful art, decor, and photos are right at your grasp. We don't often take the time to think about who makes these pins we love. They're often professional artists with professional photographers. Or, they're professional bloggers with good lighting and expensive cameras. You only see the beautiful end result You don't see the fails that happened before the Pinterest rock stars hit that final post button.

The people in this slideshow are not professionals. Clearly.

I mean, these are not just people who didn't nail it. These are people who took the project and ran it over with a bus. Then backed up. Then ran it over again. Phew, these are bad. It's not as easy as it looks to pump out some perfectly decorated cookies or to photograph Christmas lights. That's why there are professional bakers and photographers who study their crafts for years and years. Now, I'm not saying that only the professionals should attempt to recreate these Pinterest projects. I'm just saying it's no surprise that they're harder to master than they look. Still, bless these people for trying, because their fails gifted us with some really funny Pinterest Christmas fails. Enjoy, and happy holidays! Get Started