27 Photos You Won't Believe -- Or At Least You Shouldn't

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Don't trust anyone online.

Perfect wedding? Gorgeous international travel? Rich belongings? Everything online, even in photos, can be faked... and these shocking pictures prove it. Whether it's by the clever trick of a photographer's eye, the illusions of grand mastery that trick the brain into seeing something that's not there, or good old fashioned Adobe Photoshop, these pictures are NOT what they seem. In fact, they are complete lies.

Some people believe it's okay to falsify photos if it helps the bride look back and have a special day, or if it helps a corporation sell a product. Other people believe that it hurts the authenticity of human nature if you have to create the perfect photo by use of clever tricks and digital manipulation. You'll have to decide for yourself if you believe drastically altering reality to get the perfect photograph is valid.

So, check out this slideshow of photos that aren't quite what they seem. First we'll show you the original photo, and then we'll show you the behind-the-scenes shot of what things really looked like before it was altered. You will see the tricks photographers use to get the perfect picture. Basically, everything is a lie, and these photos are no exception. What do you think? Get Started