27 Completely Tacky (and Hilarious) Christmas Light Displays

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These aren't worth the electric bill.

Christmas comes but once a year. However, it is by far the most commercial holiday in the United States of America, and with good reason, too. There is something quite special about a holiday that encourages giving gifts to our friends, family, and loved ones. But it's more than that: some people incorporate religious imagery. Many people have a lot of holiday imagery in general. In fact, more people decorate their houses for Christmas than any other holiday! Can you believe that? It's true: lights, tinsel, garlands, blow-ups, and more find themselves inside of homes and outside of homes.

But... Christmas lights can be classy, elaborate, or sometimes... tacky. In fact, thanks in part to the American spirit of competition combined with a complete lack of access to modern art or a maybe just someone who thinks they have a hilarious, ironic sense of humor... tacky Christmas lights are a THING that people actually do on purpose now. Of course, not everyone does them on purpose... but whether or not these tacky holiday lights are intentional or not, they're still hilarious and shocking. You truly won't believe that some of these people actually had these Christmas light displays outside of their homes. Get Started