Can You Guess All These Vintage Product Mascots?

Let’s Play 

Silly rabbit! Trix are for kids!

How many of these vintage product mascots can you name? Ever since humans began selling products to other humans, they've looked for ways to make their products more palatable to the people who could potentially purchase those products. Sometimes that means a catchy jingle. Other times, it's an unforgettable slogan. But for many products, it's a memorable mascot. If I mention Tony the Tiger, do you get an uncanny craving for Frosted Flakes? If I mention Chester the Cheetah, are you seized with a need for Cheetos? Well, that's what those companies want. They want you to relate to their characters - to LOVE those characters, in some cases - so that you associate those warm feelings with the products their companies sell. And you know what? It works! That's why so many companies employ a mascot of some kind, whether it's a person, an animal, or something else entirely (see: The Michelin Man). Lots of these should be pretty familiar to anyone who's ever watched TV, but do you know ALL of these retro product mascots? Most of the products are still things we use and buy today - but these are the mascots from back in the day! Some are for food, others for drinks, and still others for...well, just about everything! Good luck! Let’s Play
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