Quiz: Can You Guess All These Game Shows From A Screen Shot?

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Come on down!

93% of Americans can't name all of these game shows. Hello hello, ladies and gentlemen (and all genders in-between!). It's time for another exciting episode of "Name That Game Show!" Today's topic is: biggest game shows of all time!

Did you grow up on game shows? There's something so soothing, so iconic, so fun about game shows. They were on at the same time each day. You knew the rules. You got to know and love the hosts. In fact, game shows are so loved that they went from just being an occasional daytime or evening TV treat to having their own networks. Some game shows have millions of loyal fans and give away millions in prizes.

Still, for some people, the best game shows weren't the quiz shows that tested how smart of clever contestants were. Some people loved the more human, personal shows, like those that challenged how well couples knew each other or how good people were at grocery shopping. There even arose a crop of athletic game shows, like American Gladiators, American Ninja Warrior, and the many obstacle course competitions out there today.

It might even be that the evolution of the game show gave rise to our other TV obsession: reality TV. Some reality TV shows are basically game shows that last an entire season with the same cast.

So step right up and let's see if you're a game show genius! Spin the wheel and away we go! Let’s Play
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